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About the Makers and Distributers of Claylin

Claylin, llc is a natural building materials manufacturer in Portland, Oregon.  Claylin currently offers a line of earthen floors and will grow to offer other natural building material porducts.  Working with local materials and people are a part of Claylin's commitment to conscious business practices.  Claylin is founded on the idea that we can rekindle the connection, trust and knowledge to build with the earth. 

Claylin has come out of the work of Sukita Reay Crimmel and From These Hands, llc.  Since 2006 Sukita has focused on understanding earthen floors, with the intension of bringing a ready mix product to the market.  From These Hands, llc is an electric crew of earthen enthusiasts who have helped Sukita create Clayin.

Sukita would like to acknowledge and thank Robert Bolman for her first earthen floor experience in 2000 in Eugene Oregon, a life changing winter day, Bill Steen for ongoing feedback, support and inspiration and Chad Tate for his floor brothership, always willing to talk out issues with a smile! 

And the ever evolving floor crew at From These Hands, llc; Jeremy Rosenbloom, James Thomson, Bernhard Masterson, Alexis Jaquin, Bobby Wilcox, Jason Montgomery, Eva Miller, Anna Wolfson, Erika Ann Bush, Benny Umer, Katherine Ball, Rozzell Medina, Alex Lipshutz, Judy Fleming, Melisa Mulford, Brandon Smyton, Kierstin Oliver, Beverly Melendez and more.

Additional gratitude to Mike O'Brien and Julia Bonnheim for all their wonderful photography and Sean Bowie for all his top notch video work!

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