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Oils and Wax Finish

COMPOSITION:  Claylin Oils and Wax Finishs are made for us by Heritage Natural Finishes.  Below is a description of the raw ingredients.  

We disclose ALL ingredients that we use. Claylin Oils and Wax Finishs contains NO petroleum products, or metallic drying agents whatsoever! We use only the highest quality ingredients from the most sustainable sources possible. What you see here is what you get. If you have any questions, you can always call us!

tung nut Tung Oil: 100% pure with no additives. This is the highest quality tung oil available; drying harder and forming a more durable finish than linseed oil alone. Both oils are dryer-free and slightly heat-treated (polymerized).


Special Aged Linseed Oil: Obtained from flax grown in the Red River Valley of the U.S. and Canada. It is purified and refined by natural oxidation and blowing, and dries as clear or clearer than tung oil, with none of the characteristic discoloration that is typical of hardware store varieties. No other finishing oil penetrates as deeply into wood.

Pine Rosin: Gum rosin extracted from pine sap and separated from the turpentine. This is the gum rosin found in heart pine, giving the wood its hardness and durability. We use only top grade, crystal-free, water-white rosin. No synthetic resins are used.


Beeswax: Only filtered, chemical and bleach-free white beeswax wax is used. Beeswax adds visual depth of grain, smoothness, and elastic durability. Beeswax forms a skim coat that keeps the finish on the wood, slowing the evaporation of the solvent, which gives the oils more time for absorption.

Pure Citrus Solvent: Food grade; the purest form of citrus turpenes (solvent), extracted from cold-pressed orange peel oil. This is the only solvent used in Claylin Oils and is a safer alternative to mineral spirits.


Dipentine:  A mixture of Citrus Terpenes and Pine Terpenes

 Citrus Terepenes: Extracted from cold-pressed orange peel oil.



 Pine Terpenes:



Information provided by our Oil and Wax manufacturer, Heritage Natural Finishes.

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