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If you have read the book or taken any earthen floor training (not necessary to be Claylin training) and want support, there are two additional services. They require scheduling ahead.

·         Consultation:

Schedule a time to talk on the phone with a Claylin technical assistant. Design details are most common in these conversations. $200/hour. Time will be prorated for the actual time we spend.

·         Recipe making:

Schedule a recipe making consultation. You will have a conversation about your local material options and get guidance to send in a small amounts of sand and soil. You will get a recipe, a small sample and estimated material amounts needed for your install. Custom colors are also possible. The cost for a single recipe is $600.

Contact to schedule a consultation.



"Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the hard won treasures of your experience!  In an hour and a half I learned what I needed to embark on my own exploration creating finished earthen floors.  The tricks of this trade, especially the oiling and waxing, are hard to find and sift through.  You have saved me uncertainty, time and airfare.
As an avid mudder, I was delighted to find a true master from which to glean the process details that I was looking for.  Way to make good on your marketing claims!"

Andrew Mckay
Wakefield, QC, Canada
Ecological Construction
Research, Development & Education


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