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Training for Do-It-Yourself Installation

Two trainings in 2019!

July 27 and 28th in SE Portland, Oregon.

Contact us for Fall workshop detials. Also in Portland, Oregon

More trainings in Spring and Summer 2020

The hands-on workshop includes: preparing the space, tool use, mixing, and installation, burnishing, finishing and doing repairs.  Participants will receive a digital copy of the Claylin How-To Manual.

Tools to bring to workshop:

  • Hard wood float (12”x 3 ½” x ½” thick is a great size, Marshalltown is sold at Mason Supply stores)
  • Steel trowel (12” x 3” is a great size, Marshalltown is sold at Mason Supply stores)
  • knee pads
  • clothes to get dirty in
  • gloves to get muddy in
  • Respirator with organic vapor cartridges
    • Often we oil a 2' x 2' floor sample, so the respirator is not needed, but you will need it for oiling a full floor.
  • And if you have a pair of floor pans (used to walk on wet floors), bring them!


"The Claylin hands on training is indispensable to anyone planning to pour an earthen floor. During the workshop the teacher shares their discoveries and mistakes over the course of 10 years of experience. So, do yourself and your clients a favour and take this vital workshop.  The price of the workshop will undoubtedly pay for itself, as you will complete the training knowing that you can pour a high quality, crack free earthen floor."

Jason Barber
Natural Builder

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