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Oil and Mud

Prices can change, be sure to check back to confirm pricing. 

2023 summer prices

Claylin Oil

Claylin Oil (one gallon will cover 39 square feet with 4 coats of oil for most floors)

55 gallons $4215

5 gallons $530

3 gallons $331

1 gallon $114

 Important Update: All orders for Mud Mix are packaged to order. The raw clay material is not available during the wet season. Contact us early and your order may be filled in the summer. Helping you create a recipe with your local clay material is always an option.

Mud and fiber costs are about 2.60/sq.ft at 3/4" thick. With oil and finish oil or wax, costs are about 5.50/sq.ft at 3/4" thick. 

Send and email with order or questions, and please refer to FAQ and technical specification pages prior to emailing questions. Thank you.

Earthen floors are natural finishes, made with natural materials that have variability and we offer no guarantees of continuity of appearance, color, tone, nor finish. In addition, there are no obvious nor customary criteria for determining the “acceptability” of a finished surface. Variation in texture, color, and presentation are natural and endemic to the process and these qualities are considered a part of the intrinsic beauty and charm of natural materials.
We use all necessary means to reinforce existing cracks and prevent possible future cracks. However, small hairline cracks may occur due to structural settling of the building and shrinkage of substructure. Therefore, there we do not warrant against hairline cracks.  

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